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We are Digital Warlords fighting for freedom


Freedom of resolution!
8K represents the pinnacle of today’s digital cinema resolution. It’s 16 x full HD! 4K is today’s standard acquisition format. 8K-47 is geared for dealing with all of these formats with ease. We love 4K 5K, 6K, 8K…WHATEVER! Viva la resolution!

Freedom of frame rate!
8K-47 has years of experience in dealing with all sorts of high speed cameras. With the advent of digital high speed cameras like the Phantom Gold, Flex and 4K Flex, new worlds have opened up for a visual feast of endless possibilities. We implement workflows that maximize efficiency, bringing a methodology that has been adopted on an international level. Freedom of frame rate!

Freedom of colour depth!
8K-47 supports the ACES/IIF methodology. The ACES colourspace is a colourspace that can represent every colour that the human eye is capable of detecting and more! 16-bit floating point colour depth and 25 stops of latitude means that it can even support footage from cameras that have not even been invented yet! ACES/IIF – one format to bind them all! The 8K-47 technical crew are trained to know how to preserve maximum colour fidelity and quality throughout the production process. From running graded and calibrated monitoring on set to providing LUTS and CDL’s to transfer grade and colour information to post facilities without affecting the original recorded material. This means that we maintain maximum colour depth and exposure latitude that the camera can provide. Why else shoot with a high-end camera but to get the maximum benefit and most beautiful or striking images out of it? Useful links: IIF

Freedom of data rate!
8K-47 is trained and experienced in dealing with the monstrous data volumes associated shooting high resolution, high frame rate and deep colour. We believe that data volume constraints should never be a concern in a truly creative process. We make the process transparent and manageable. Free the data and free the creative process!

Freedom of motion!
8K-47 has teamed up with FX Pacs, Love Highspeed and Mark Roberts Motion Control to bring the BOLT HIGHSPEED CINEBOT to South Africa. We provide a specialised high speed motion control service which is breaking new ground in high speed cinematography. Read more…





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